What To Post On Your Social Profiles

I used to share my content on all the social media platforms. That’s what I was told by all the training programs and course I’ve reviewed.

I thought I was helping my “brand” but that was a load of crap!

Below I’ll share with you what content works on what social media platforms. It’s important you know what to post on your social profiles, Social media in 2015 is more powerful than it’s ever been. Social proof & social recognition play a part in how far your message travels. BUT that doesn’t mean that all social platforms are equal when it comes to the best place to publicize YOUR message and your brand.

Below is a simple infographic that shows what type of posts work best on these social platforms.

what to post social

WordPress –  On your blog you want to share posts of 1000 words of awesome quality as a minimum. To be a force to be reckoned with, make sure your content is evergreen and add relevant images and video where possible.

Facebook – Facebook is for fun personal updates about what you’re doing and where you are. In the spirit of transparency personal photos and announcements, links to articles that are thoughtful and useful are well received.

Twitter – Tweets should be your industry updates and links always try to add an image . Links to great blog posts. A place to boost the confidences of peeps and inspire them. Quotes funny & inspirational work well.

Pinterests – Pins can lead to anything as long as you’ve original well made images to add. Branded images are best! Pinterest works well for DIY projects, tutorials, any type of craft work, recipies & even your own or shared videos.

Google+ – Link here to articles in your niche and industry. Great for photo’s. [SEO] You can even create ranked chatter with a well written mini post and a unique image with all comments on G+ (don’t link out in this method).

Instagram – It’s all about the opportunistic photograph with Instagram. Certain niches benefit immensely. It’s best practice to steer clear of photo enhancement, overlays especially text overlays don’t really work.

Tumblr – Great for crafting niches, where you can show off your wares. Even though is a blog platform it’s best for photographs and gifs work well on Tumblr too.

LinkedIn – Most certainly your activity here ‘business related’. Post content directly onto Linkedin’s blog platform for best results. Industry news links & personal development links do very well here.

YouTube – For business YouTube is great for all types of tutorials, testimonials and interviews. You can share youtube video on any of your major social channels too.

Do feel free to add any other comments you have on where and what to post on your social profiles.

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Author: Tony.B aka Mission0ps

2.0 and a Staffy so just a regular guy who used to make cash on the side as an affiliate marketer - Now I do it full-time and show others how to do the same. You can make extra income online using a few very simple tools and techniques. It does take time to make it happen. You won't get rich over night - unless you get lucky!

11 thoughts on “What To Post On Your Social Profiles

  1. Carol Amato

    Hi, Tony,

    Wow, what an easy to follow routine for making sure we get the most traffic and engagement from social media – it does take time and effort and having a plan laid out like this sure is a big help. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you’re having a great week so far!

    Take and talk to you soon,
    Carol Amato

    1. Tony.B aka Mission0ps Post author

      Hey Carol,
      Awesome to see you on my lil bit of cyberspace.
      You are so right, getting the most out of social media is time consuming to say the least.
      BUT I’m sure that the 20-80 rule (20% of time on creation and 80% on marketing the post) really does pay dividends in this scenario.
      It is a lot easier having a visual routine to relate to to make sure you get the right type of message out to the right peeps.

      PS: I see you use Hootsuite I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to get my head around that. So many say it’s the best since sliced bread for organising social profiles… I will crack it one day!

      Indeed we will talk soon :o)

      Thanks again for the visit.

  2. Kim Brown

    Great and extremely useful information Tony!! I see I need to do some restructuring of my posts.

    1. Tony.B aka Mission0ps Post author

      Hi Kim,

      GR8 to see you here 😉

      Well having a starting point is that first step.
      Much appreciate you visiting and leaving a few words.
      Hopefully helpful.

  3. Andrea Gerak

    Hi Tony, thanks for sharing! It makes the subject look pretty simply.
    A question though: what would you say about Facebook Pages? You know, for your business . I am missing this element from the list.

    1. Tony.B aka Mission0ps Post author

      Hi Andrea,

      In regards to FB pages for business it’s a whole different ball game. Informing your community of the benefits of your service/product is the end goal… However >>

      Here I would focus on industry relevant news, sharing your opinion on what’s in the news. Engaging viewers with offers and poles, a place for updates and trends in the business niche area, I’d set up a couple of google alerts to get informed early. Certainly a page where you want to encourage others in the business to communicate.

      As far as promoting your own products I’d say only one in every 5 or 6 posts has your business as the focus.
      Hopefully helpful.

      1. Andrea Gerak

        Certainly, thank you for your views Tony.
        Indeed, time for me to get off Fun Facebook and check out Tumblr and Google+ again.

  4. Angela

    Hi Tony,
    Really excellent information, thank you for posting. Looks like I need to rethink my posting strategy.
    I will definitely be taking a look at that in the next day or so.

    1. Tony.B aka Mission0ps Post author

      Hey Angie,
      Great to see you here I must say I’m chuffed!
      It does make a whole lot of sense to target your audience for YOUR best benefit.

      Hope to see you again soon 😉

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