GearBubble Takes Over Where Tee Spring Left Off

By | September 24, 2015

Once you have a website, no matter who you are or what you do, one of the objectives with your website will be to make you some money. Yes there maybe information and maybe great topics, techniques and even antics on your site – money may not have even been in the equation when you started,  however without monetising your site, even just to cover your own blogging costs , it really does become a thankless task.

That’s why you’ll hear everybody harp on about building a list, setting up an mailing sequence and selling through emails. Granted creating an email auto responder sequence always sounds a  daunting when you first consider it, however – if you think as a customer,  you know exactly what they want delivering in their boxes.. They only want to see information that can help them progress and tips and tools to help them make more money.

That’s why I want to introduce you to a free platform called officially launched on September 22, 2015 so it’s a relatively new baby… however it’s not a new idea. If you are familiar with the Facebook marketing from the IM circle, you may have come across Don Wilson. He’s been making a killing not only selling on t-shirts on FB, but showing others how-to do the same.

It’s Don and his team behind this neat new platform that allows you to sell your own T-shirt designs – and he’s used his online marketing know-how to create a business offer similar to TeeSpring, but with 2 major differences.

The first is that with GearBubble is there’s no minimum sales needed, and the other is that GearBubble do more than just T-shirts and tops. have mugs, necklaces, and different hats as well as the regular t-shitrs and tops.

The Set Up Process

You first signup for a free account at and click the join gearbubble now button below. [opens in a new tab] It’s the usual name details and address.

Join gear bubble button

Once you have your free membership you can start off by clicking launch campaign….


1 – Pick Your Product

First step is a product picker, you’re taken to a screen that enables you to pick between necklace hat beanie bracelet T-shirts or mug. FYI if you are going to jump right in, T-shirts and mugs sell the easiest, because everybody wears T-shirts and everybody drinks at the mug… simples. I’ll click on the image of the mug and then press next step.

select gearbubble product

Create Your Design

Your chosen GearBubble design is when you make or break a campaign, where you sell plenty of mugs, or just a couple to your friends and family… It pays to get this bit right!

Firstly it’s important to note that a PNG Will the transparent background is the best type of image to use, you may even want to outsource creating an image if you don’t have your own image software.

Next you upload a PNG from your computer and use the arrow at the bottom in the middle to the size just clicking and dragging on the site your image. Do you make sure your PNG falls within the borderlines of the frame as anything was in the borderlines gets printed.

On the same page you will notice there is a default price set for each mug, however you do have the ability to change that what is pretty cool if you are making T-shirts for a friends group holiday or stag and hen nights etc.

upload gearbubble design

When you click next game you’ll be taken to the final setup page.

Add A Description

Here you add a title for your product, if you wish to you can change the sales text by just clicking the box and editing. You can also choose how long you want your products will be on sale for on this page, anything 1 day to Evergreen.

Pick tags for your products, mine would be the “red card,soccer mug, no remote”. And you’re also able to add your own URL extension, I advise you keep it specific and short. Once you’ve completed those bits, check your selling price, agree to the terms and conditions and launch your new campaign

That’s it when you click next you’ll take into the URL sales page would look like

Once you have your own URL r you’re able to place it in your own social media feeds send it in an email to your list, or even stick it in a blog post if it’s going to be something you so all the time i.e. Evergreen.

Buy red card mug

How Make Money

You may notice when you picked your prices, there’s a difference between the sales price and profit. So in my final example, the red card mug is on sale for $13.95, and a profit on mate from each mark sale will be $5. so that tells me that your have taken $8.95 the price of the mug and printing, which I think it’s fair deal.

There are so many uses for Gearbubble, it doesn’t have to be just for making money. There were plenty of uses the non-profit organisations, clubs or regular Joe individuals to get involved with Gear-bubble well. Here are a few uses that I can think of, and your “profits” can go into a kitty and be used another time.

  • Sports club T-shirts, caps, hoodies and beanies
  • Charity event T-shirts
  • Group holidays abroad
  • Dance group performing uniforms
  • Unique and personal gifts
  • Christmas beanie or hoodie
  • Personalised jewellery

The list really can go on and on… and on!

Whichever way look at it you really can’t go wrong with creating a free account with even if you don’t use it today, I’ll bet you find a great use for it within the next few weeks. Give someone with something personal!


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Author: Tony.B aka Mission0ps

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